Three Ways ComForCare Home Care Can Help Busy Family Caregivers

Posted by ComForCare on Dec 18, 2018 8:00:00 AM

When caring for an aging loved one, family members may find they are able to reconnect in more meaningful ways than in the past by sharing family stories and just enjoying the moment together. three-ways-comforcare-can-help-busy-family-caregivers

Sometimes, though, family caregivers need a helping hand or respite care. Here are three situations in which ComForCare Home Care can help:

During Holidays

According to a report from the Employer Panel for Caregivers, 44 percent of caregivers between the ages of 45-64 care for both a parent and children. Throw in all of the extra cooking, decorating and shopping during the holidays, and it can make a busy time even busier.

Therefore, our caregivers are available for whenever you may need help. For example, you could hire 24-hour home care services for your older loved one if you need to travel out of town. Or, you could even hire ComForCare for just a few hours per day for holiday shopping and school recitals. While you’re away, our caregivers will treat your loved one like family by preparing a healthy meal, helping with hygiene care and engaging them in Meaningful Activities that bring joy and purpose.

During Mealtimes

Your loved one may not have much of an appetite anymore, or it may be difficult for your loved one to prepare healthy meals. Additionally, you may not have time to make sure your loved ones are eating properly at every meal, especially if they live in their own home.

Our caregivers can plan and prepare healthy meals, while encouraging your loved one to eat healthier. ComForCare caregivers can also check the expiration dates on foods and provide transportation to and from the grocery store.

At Work

More than a third of Canada’s workforce provides informal, unpaid work while working, and 1.6 million family caregivers took time off work to provide care.

With ComForCare Home Care services, you can feel rest assured your loved one has the best care while you’re at work or on a business trip as we can provide high quality care for as little as a few hours a week up to 24 hours, seven days a week. With senior home care services, you can stay on top of your career while maintaining your peace of mind.

To learn about the other ways in-home care supports independent living, download our guide, “50 Ways We Can Help.”


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