12 Senior-Friendly Activities to Celebrate Canada Day

Posted by ComForCare on Jun 18, 2018 3:43:28 PM

blog-canada-day-flagThe first of July is Canada Day. Since 1868, it’s been a time to celebrate the country’s history, culture and achievements. Celebrations often include parties and fireworks, which might not be the ideal setting for everyone especially older adults.

Here are 12 other great ways to celebrate Canada’s national holiday.

  1. Make an authentic Canadian breakfast featuring maple leaf-shaped pancakes, Canadian peameal bacon and Canadian maple syrup.
  1. Visit a national park, marine conservation area or historic site. You may even be able to score free admission!
  1. Brush up on your nation’s past. The Canadian Museum of History offers several online exhibitions you can explore from the comfort of home.
  1. Celebrate all things hockey. While a trip to the Hockey Hall of Fame may not be feasible, the organization’s website has a wealth of information, photos and videos. Look up some facts and figures and take turns quizzing one another.
  1. Have a Heritage Minutes Get some popcorn, curl up on the couch and enjoy the iconic 60-second films featuring significant people, events and stories in Canadian history. 
  1. Do something nice. It’s what we are known for! Bring a neighbour something you and your loved one baked as a gift or give a stranger some patriotic red and white flowers.
  1. Make an all-Canadian picnic and go to a park near you. Make sandwiches with smoked Canadian salmon, a salad with local vegetables and maybe sip one of our excellent Canadian craft beers.
  1. Go on a wine tour. Canada has established wine regions like the Okanagan and Niagara Peninsula but there are wineries in every province. Here is a full list. Wine tours are often quiet and feature instructions on how to taste wine. If your elder loved one uses mobility aids, call ahead to make sure the winery is accessible or request a shortened tour that does not go out into the vineyards.
  1. Indulge in Canadian comfort foods. Whether your loved one has a sweet tooth or enjoys more savory dishes, preparing classic Canadian cuisine can be a great activity.
  1. Wear as much Canadian gear as you can. See who can come up with the zaniest outfit. The Bay offers official Canadian Olympic team apparel, but there will be no shortage of Canadian flag gear available at retailers during the holiday season, or get crafty and make your own.  
  1. Talk to your loved one about their memories of Canada. Did they serve in the military? Did they come here as new Canadians? What does being Canadian mean to them?
  1. Jam out to Canadian music. Whether you sing along to the national anthem or your favourite Canadian artists, listening to music is a great way to stimulate memories and improve someone’s mood, especially for people with Alzheimer’s disease or another form of dementia.

These are just a few kinds of Meaningful Activities you can do with your loved one to celebrate Canada Day. Meaningful Activities are not only fun, but can help create purpose in one’s life. For more information about Meaningful Activities, and for a handy chart to keep track of the ones you do with your loved one, download this guide.


In addition, if you or an aging loved one needs assistance with everyday activities, give us a call at 800-886-4044 or find a ComForCare Home Care location near you to learn how we help people live their best life possible.


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