Older Adults and Happy Holidays

Posted by ComForCare on Dec 11, 2018 8:00:00 AM

Wondering about what gift to give Grandma for Christmas? Spending family time together for the holidays might be the best gift of all. Research shows sharing an experience rather than buying a gift inspires gratitude and happiness.  blog Older Adults and Happy Holidays
Happiness isn’t dependent on whether you give your aging loved one the right gift. In general, Canadians ages 60 and older are more satisfied with life than adults ages 20 to 59. For the most part, life seems to get better as it gets longer. Canadian seniors (age 70 and above) actually have higher levels of satisfaction than younger adults, with those over age 80 reporting the highest levels of satisfaction.
What makes them happy? Personal relationships are an important component. Having a network of friends and family matters more than income level. Excellent or very good health also increases life satisfaction. Another life-fulfilling desire of over 80 percent of Canadian seniors is the ability to live independently, rather than in a nursing home, other senior residence or with family.
Looking for just the right gift? It seems the key to older adults’ happiness is the same year-round: connections to family and friends, good health and the comforts of home.
ComForCare Home Care provides in-home care services to seniors during the holidays and throughout the year, so they can continue to find happiness at home. To learn more about our services, go to ComForCare.ca.

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